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How to give your plain garage door Craftsman details in seconds.

I’m always looking for easy exterior updates to make our home stand out from the rest. When you live in suburbia many of the houses can look
similar — but there are so many ways to add some character and beauty without spending a ton of money.

This easy garage door update does just that! I’ve done this a couple
times over the years and I’m always surprised at how much it really changes up
the doors.

I loved our garage doors with their gray and white paint and trim:

But I knew this easy addition would make them look even more unique.

You can
buy metal garage door accents that give it a Craftsman or carriage door
look, and they are super easy to install! Our home has a modern Craftsman exterior so I knew they would fit in

I had to use hardware you attach with screws on our doors: 

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Most of the sets I’ve found come with two handles and four “hinges.” 

At first I only had one set of hinges up on the top trim, but I later added
the set at the bottom and it really completed the look:

Craftsman garage door metal hardware

If you don’t want to drill into your doors there are magnetic options that are even
easier to install! I bought a
set of magnetic garage door accents at first but realized that the trim on our doors is wood, not metal. Oops.

They don’t interfere with the operation of the doors at all. Most have a rust resistant coating that holds up great outside. The set I put on our garage doors at the last house has been up for more than ten years and haven’t rusted at all!

Here’s our garage door at the old house before the hardware detail:
updating plain garage door
This is the set I found for only $10 at the hardware
metal garage door hardware
That exterior had a cottage look and I knew this would
look great! At first I was going to tape them up to see how I liked
them, but the tape wasn’t holding, so I just drilled
them into the metal door.

They are really good quality — nice, heavy metal and I liked that the screws came with black heads to match:
DIY carriage door hardware

I loved how these look!: 
DIY carriage door hardware
If you want to keep going, you can add another carriage
door detail with faux windows on the panels across the top. I’ve seen people paint it on, or you can use
these magnetic faux windows

When they’re on they really look like real windows!

It’s not a huge change, but on a street of plain garage doors, yours
will stand out!
easy exterior update with carriage door hardware
I love a simple and inexpensive update! Have you tried changing up
something on your garage door? Added hardware or painted it? Anyone tried
those faux windows? Do tell!

There are a ton of magnetic
options! This one is a great price  and this
magnetic hardware is as well. Both are under $20!

This DIY landscape lighting tutorial is another exterior update that will
make your house look way more expensive!: 

DIY landscape lighting tutorial

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